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New Years Day 10 Mile Time Trial 2011

Route Map

Given the relative improvement in weather and road conditions, all looked well for the 2011 version of the SCCC New Year's Day '10'.

While stood at the pre-race meeting point, in the re-vamped side road (which is now a busy main road!) we were questioning the sanity of opening our lungs up to suck in the cold, soggy air. Thankfully, Paul Green drove out with Jack, so kindly let us leave bags in his car and also offered to look after the timing. This removed any chance of a group cop-out, as we had witnesses! It also meant that Dunc couldn't dodge riding for the 2nd year running even though he had swine flu!!!

There were a few taking it serioulsy; Ric had his TT bike inc skinsuit. The rest were more sensible as the the rain started to rain more than drizzle. Jack Green had the works: TT bike, aerohat, etc etc. He just got out of the car and rode. 'Im not sure what happend for the warm up but he did an incredible ride with 23.14. Most would be happy with that in the summer.
As the rain strengthened and it seemed to get colder there were no PBs set (I think/hope).

Dunc, Ian, Tony, Dan & myself went looking for a pub. The first one was shut, but the cold and fear of looking like degenerates meant we moved quickly on to The Stag. At this point, my feet had stopped responding, so I continued on home, weighing up the pro's of a TT bike with the con's of no front-mudguard protection.....The rest drank nice beer in the pub. 
With no time or inclination for photos, the only keepsake is the BBC weather forecast for the '10'

1. Jack Green-VC St Raphael-23.14
2. Ric Brown-SCCC-27.08
3. Dunc McLaren-SCCC-28.04
4. Dan Moores-SCCC-28.24
5. Tony Coughlan-SCCC-28.39
6. Ian Shappiro-SCCC-29.29

Report by Ric

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