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Held 19th November 2008 at 20.30, The Arden Arms, Millgate, Stockport

Item1 Attendees
(16) Duncan Bedford-McLaren, Geoff Burgess, Jon Hardman, Tony Lee, Dave Armstrong, Simon Hardman, Ric Brown, Mark McPhillips, Merlin Evans, Will Sanderson, Ian Brown, Emmy Hoyes, Martin Pigott, Graham Connell, Ian Shapiro, David Langridge

Apologies; (5)
Derek Hodgins, Nick Biden, Darren Reynolds, Doug Clarke, Julian Mortel

Item 2 Elect Chairperson
Duncan was appointed Chairman

Item 3 Agree Minutes of 2007 AGM

Item 4 Secretary Report for 2007
Membership is currently at 36 for 2008
30 in 2007
31 in 2006
33 in 2005
41 in 2004
33 in 2003
48 in 2002
38 in 2001
38 in 2000

Most new members found club through website, same as last couple of years. The main influx is due to the growing MTB scene, with regular rides on a Wednesday night and Sunday run. Quite a few new road members too. With regular Saturday and Sunday rides.
Its been a busy and successful year for many……
National Clarion track champs, National Clarion 10,
All Dereks age related records, VTTA 100 champion champs & British TT champion age 70+, Nat 50 champion age 70+.
Dunc kept his 2nd cat, Si and Darren getting good results just missing 2nd cat. Geoff Burgess great first year race season.
Easter Meet at Stamford, Dunc, Si, and Merlin attended. And raced.
Doug (USA) now National 40+ Triathlon champ. Now competed as juv/jun/sen/vet
Many people taking part in MTB / Trailquests

SCCC organised events

YHA weekends to Lincoln and Dent. MTB weekend at Hollinsclough.
Clubruns from Hazel Grove on Sundays and Unicorn on Saturdays. All going well.
Xmas lunch at the Diggle in Jan 2008.
Weekly club night at the Arden Arms, Stockport, AGM, prize presentation
Club 10 series and hill climb & downhill champs
Competing in many road races, time trial, crits, MTB, trailquest, cyclocross events, and track events.
Thanks must go to all the helpers at the club 10 series, hill climb…….

Item 5 Treasurers Report
Nick Biden has now handed over the Treasurer job to Ric Brown. The accounts have been audited by Martin Pigott.
The club is currently in credit with a closing balance of £3,453.64.
Balance sheet and accounts were issued at the meeting.
Thanks go to Nick Biden for his excellent work as the treasurer for the past 14 years

Item 6 Committee Reports
6.1 British Cycling
Neither Julian nor Duncan could attend this years regional AGM. BC membership at an all time high.

6.2 CTT
Derek to report for 2008

6.3 M&DTTA
Derek to report for 2008
Xmas 10
Cheshire points series
Prize presentation

Item 7 Election of Officers for 2009
2009 duties……….

President: Derek Hodgins
Chairman: Duncan Bedford-McLaren
Secretary: Duncan  Bedford-McLaren
Treasurer: Richard Brown
Social Secretary: Simon Hardman
Club Event Secretary: William Sanderson
Newsletter Editor:N/A – seen as not needed as we have a website.
Press Secretary:N/A – seen as not needed…..
Road Captain:"A" run – Darren Reynolds, "B" run – Dave Armstrong
Off Road Captain: Les Copeland & Mark McPhillips
Club Coach:Mark McPhillips
CTT Representative:Derek Hodgins
BC Representative:Duncan Bedford McLaren & Darren Reynolds
M&DTTA Representative:Derek & Barbara Hodgins
Clothing Organiser:Duncan Bedford McLaren
National Clarion Reps:Merlin Evans & Duncan Bedford-McLaren
Club Mascot:Julian Mortel & Lucy (the dog)
Auditors:Martin Pigott
Webite:Martin Pigott

Item 8 Any Other Business
8.1 Club Subscriptions for 2008 to remain the same apart from any new member (road or MTB) will get a £10 intro fee (for 1 year only).. Still remains the same is….

£20 Senior
£7 Non cycling/Social/second claim
£0 Junior
£0 Juvenile

8.2 SCCC Xmas lunch will be held in Jan’09 at Diggle, MTB ride and road ride. Simon to organise. Possible YHA weekend away in late Jan so road and MTB can meet up. Mark to look into for dates.

8.3 Prize Presentation to be held in Dec 2009 @ Arden Arms. Duncan to organise.

8.4 Club 10’s. Will promoting them again. Stay on Monday evenings on J2/1.

Marshall points 500x2 – Include a new system to record marshals, time keepers. Pauline and Colin have decided to step back from the time keeping role for 2009. Thanks go to them both for all the hard work they have put into keeping the 10’s running so smoothly (and supplying the tea at every event) For 2009 we are to have the same volunteer basis on the website. Just let Martin Pigott know what date you would like to time keep & marshall. William to arrange the dates for 2009. Also we will buy a new set of stop watches so we can have 2 sets of clock / sign / signing on forms etc It will be easier to pass onto the next time keepers if we had extra equipment. We have plenty of “cycle event” signs.

8.5 An off road champs to be introduced. Mark to look into for the 2009 season. MTB / cyclocross

8.6 Club official correspondence will continue as follows...

  • Newsletter. Seen as not needed with Website, pass any news/info to Martin to include it.
  • Boots and Spurs from National Clarion, twice a year.
  • Minutes of meeting to be posted on website & posted to all without a computer.
  • Emails, updates etc

8.7 Club Clothing for members. Get to Duncan asap as the order is going in end of November 2008. Agreed to look into possible new supplier. Duncan to look into costs of this. If to stay with BioRacer / Onimpex then agreed to buy a few items of different sizes for club stock.

8.8 Personal Record Sheets. Get to Merlin or Duncan ASAP.

8.9 Spend money on 2 way radios for the Wed night MTB ride – These were purchased by Mark but they were found to be more effort to use than first thought so no longer used. Mark purchased out of his own money.

8.10 Proposal for Clubman, Clubwoman, & section of the year. Get forms in, reasons for nomination and send to National Clarion before end of December 2008. Need form from National Clarion, Duncan to ask for them. Vote for Derek Hodgins as clubman, Emmy Hoyes and clubwoman and Stockport as Section.

8.11 No longer to affiliate to IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association)

8.12 The 2009 Easter Meet will be at Ramsbottom. Possible MTB ride there, Mark McPhillips to arrange & road ride too.

8.13 Stockport to look into running the National Clarion RR for 2009 as part of a CDNW race with priority going to Clarion members first. Duncan to ask National Clarion if they want Stockport to arrange and if so Duncan to contact CDNW as see if this would be possible and if so what they require from Stockport.

8.14 Merlin was never told of the death of John Leese, the National Clarion President and President of Heanor Clarion. Dunc to see why he did not find out in time at attend the funeral. Possible reason is he is not on email but should have still been informed.

8.15 Simon Hardman & Duncan to look into a social club night ONCE a month. Possibly the 1st Friday night of every month. Possible sports social club so new members (inc juveniles / juniors) can come and get info.

8.16 Majorca 2009. Colin, Pauline, Graham Connell, Duncan, Simon, Darren all interested in going. Possible date will be 17th to 24th March 2009. Dunc to send email for more interest and book soon.

8.17 Les is to organise a sponsored ride across Spain in 2010. If you interested let Les know. So far people interested are Les, Graham Connell, William, Duncan.

8.18 SCCC still to affiliate with BC, CTC, CTT for 2009.

Meeting Closed at 21:55


AGM 24th October 2007, Arden Arms, 7.30 for 8.00 start

Should you have any items you would like to raise with regard to SCCC please write to the Club Secretary before hand at the address below or e-mail nick.biden@virgin.net
Items will then be discussed in Any Other Business at the end of the meeting.
Points will not be discussed unless they are raised in this manner. This is in the interest of keeping the meeting brief & to the point.

Similarly if you cannot attend please send your apologies to avoid a delay to the start of the meeting.

The meeting will follow the same agenda as last year’s minutes, read them here.

Best Wishes & see you there.

Nick Biden