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AGM November 2012
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  1. Attendees;  ( 16 )

Duncan McLaren, Geoff Burgess, David Vennard, Jonathan Hardman, Ben Horton, Merlin Evans, Ian Brown, Dave Langridge, Martin Pigott, Tony Coughlan, Mark McPhillips, Dave Armstrong, Phil Dilkes, Darren Reynolds, Graham Connell, Steve Payne.


Apologies; (9)

Julian Mortel, Doug Clarke, Maggie McPhillips, Ken Hodgins, Justin Dowling, Carolyn Hume, Ric Brown, Si Hardman, Derek Hodgins


  1. Elect Chairperson


Duncan to chair the meeting


  1. Agree Minutes of 2011 AGM




  1. Secretary Report for 2012


Membership is currently at 51 for 2012, 2 down on last year….


53 in 2011

45 in 2010


Most new members found club through website, same as last couple of years.


SCCC in Cycling Weekly as clubteam of the week.


Regular Saturday and Sunday rides on the road and regular Wednesday night MTB rides.


Highlight of the year saw Paul Whittaker win the MTB Tritchey Trail Master

Derek Hodgins continues to win, too many results to list. 3rd in BTTC champs

Geoff won National clarion X champs

Dave Langridge 3rd in the Hope Classic

Doug Clark won USA National Triathlon Champs for his age group. Again!!!


Dan Moores rode 1000 miles in 4 days in Italy

Dunc won 10 mile 10 series TT.

Dunc won the SCCC 25 mile champs on J2/9 Cheshire

Dan won SCCC Hill Climb on Cat & Fiddle.

Mark, Justin and Geoff all gained their 3rd cat licences in 2012.

Geoff Wins at Tameside circuit.

National Clarion track champs held at Manchester Velodrome.

Mark won HTN. Also rode 200km Bear Bones Challenge.

Good road races, Soens, Darley moor, Oulton Park (3), CDNW, etc

Jon Hardman had a great 1st year of racing, going from 27.19 to 25.24 for club 10’s.


Easter Meet at Buxton in 2012 organised by Stockport. Very well attended. We had various kids crit race, National Clarion hill climb champs on new Goyt course, MTB ride, 2 clubruns, Buxton mountain time trial. Andy Wilkinson as guest speaker.


Julian Mortel still taking bookings for Italian Clarion. Training rides in Italy and to see pro races etc. Set up for both mtb and road. See http://italianclarion.com


7 members went over for the Tour of Lombardy in Oct 2012. Great few days in Italy.


Martin doing excellent work with the website, loads of results / reports from people. Great success. He would like more info (report, results, pics) through the year from all members for rides, races, training sessions etc


SCCC organised events

SCCC help marshall Tameside crits in 2012, to continue for 2013.

YHA weekend to Ilam, (only Si and Jon attended) road ride (National Clarion)

YHA to Stiperstones (South of Shrewsbury)

Clubruns from Hazel Grove on Sundays. Well attended.

Family Fun ride, a few members rode out on 26th Feb to the People History Museum

Christmas lunch was at the Lamb Inn, Hayfield in 2012. Well attended by both road and off road riders.

MTB Wednesday night rides & weekly club night at the Arden Arms, Stockport.

Club 10 series (made £250) Run with Manchester Wheelers, to do same in 2013.


Competing in many road races, time trial, crits, MTB, trailquest, cyclocross and track events.


Thanks must go to all the helpers at the club 10 series, including Manchester Wheelers.


  1. Treasurers Report

Graham reported on the financial year. Details to follow. We have now done 2 years with Co-Op Bank, all running smoothly.


The Acc No. is 65425536
Sort Code is 08-92-99
Acc Name is Stockport Clarion Cycling Club ( SCCC )


  1. Committee Reports


    1. British Cycling


Neither Duncan nor Darren could attend this years regional AGM.


    1.  CTT


Nothing new to report.  Derek and Dunc attended AGM.


    1. M&DTTA


Nothing new to report.


  1. Election of Officers for 2013


2012 duties……….


President:                                 Derek Hodgins

Chairman:                                 Duncan McLaren

Secretary:                                 Duncan McLaren

Treasurer:                                 Graham Connell

Social Secretary:                       All club members to organise various events

Club Event Secretary:               William Sanderson

Newsletter Editor:                     N/A – seen as not needed as we have a website.

Press Secretary:                        Jon Hardman

Road Captain:                          A run – Darren Reynolds, B run – Dave Armstrong

Off Road Captain:                    Mark McPhillips

Club Coach:                             Mark McPhillips

CTT Representative:                 Derek Hodgins

BC Representative:                   Duncan  McLaren & Darren Reynolds

M&DTTA Representative:        Derek & Barbara Hodgins

Clothing Organiser:                   Duncan  McLaren

National Clarion Reps:  Merlin Evans & Duncan McLaren

Club Mascot:                            Will Sanderson

Auditors:                                  Martin Pigott

Webite:                                    Martin Pigott


  1. Any Other Business


    1. Club Subscriptions for 2013 to change.


£25 Senior (£20 for payment before end of February 2013)

£10 New 1st year member

£7 Non cycling/Social/second claim

£0 Junior

£0 Juvenile


    1. SCCC Xmas lunch will be held on Sunday 20th Jan at the Lamb Inn, Hayfield. A good place for both Mtb and road. A MTB weekend to be arranged by Mark for 19/20, coming back past Lamb Inn on Sunday.


8.3 Prize Presentation 2012 Darren to Look into Jan / Feb time.


    1. Club 10’s. Will promoting them again. Stay on Monday evenings on J2/1.

Marshall points 500 x 2 = 1000. For 2013 we are to have the same volunteer basis on the website. Just let Martin Pigott know what date you would like to time keep & marshall. To be run with Manchester Wheelers as in 2012.

Dates and more details to be arranged.


    1. A one off race will be the OFF ROAD CHAMPS, this will be HTN. (Hit The North)

Also a new trophy for MTB champ. This will be best placed in the league for the Mid Week Mountain Bike Madness series.

Mark to look into End of season MTB race.


    1. Us in Pictures on website. A good success, if your pic is not there, email one to Martin Pigott.


    1.   25 champs for 2013 use as part of M&D 25 champs. The same as in 2012.


    1. Club track bike available!!!!! Small size. See Dunc if interested.


    1. Club official correspondence will continue as follows…


  1. Newsletter seen as not needed with Website, pass any news/info to Martin to include it.
  2. Boots and Spurs from National Clarion, twice a year.
  3. Minutes of meeting to be posted on website & posted to all without a computer.
  4. Emails, texts (for Merlin, Tony Lee), updates etc


    1. Decided not to run a race at Oulton Park in 2013. Too expensive to hire the track.


    1. Personal Record Sheets. Get to Duncan ASAP. Dunc to update the PRS with more current trophies.


    1. We will still keep the current trophies for time trials, road race, hill climb etc but will incorporate more for cyclocross, MTB events. Mark to look into


    1. Darren and Tony to look into organising a Sportive for 2013


    1. Jersey and shorts to be given to Dan Moores for his Race Accross America in 2013. Club to pay for kit.


8.15 Proposal for Clubman, Clubwoman, & section of the year.

The nominations for 2012 will be Duncan McLaren, Maggie or Carolyn, and Jon Hardman as best new rider.


8.16 Trophies pictures and meaning to go onto website Dunc to organise.


8.17 Tameside Crit. Races and training. Thursday nights. Need 4 races to marshall, we need 4 people at all 4 events Will Wright organiser. Only open to 2/3/4 cats!!! SCCC happy to do 4 events as we did in 2012. Dunc to contact Will Wright.


8.18 SCCC still to affiliate with BC, CTC, CTT, M&DTTA, M&DLCA for 2013.


8.19 Darren to look into possible tax refund (no VAT to pay) for SCCC as we are a non-profit sports club. Darren to look into



8.20 Mini SCCC jersey available from Champion Systems (ideal for your car window) Dunc to look into price and email details


    1. SCCC to set up a terms and conditions for Stockport members for weekends away, to be posted on the website. This will make sure anyone booking with SCCC for weekends away will have to follow the terms and conditions of the place they are staying. By signing the membership form, members accept these terms and conditions. Dunc to sort


    1. Riders that use Garmin to add their rides onto the SCCC page for other members to follow. Martin to set up a page and rides to be sent to Martin to add. Also SCCC on Strava. We have a new club section. If you’re not on the Strava list email Dunc and you’ll be added.


    1. Any members fancy a trip to the Gent 6 day in Late November 2013? Let Dunc know. Plan to get Ferry over, then cycle the 60 ish miles there. Will probably be a 4 day trip.


    1. SCCC Hill Climb Champs – Planned a new design to the hill club champs. Instead of 1 hill climb on the Cat & fiddle in August we plan to make this an all-rounder style hill climb.

There will be 3 climbs all done on one day, probably as part of a clubrun in September. The champion will be the one with the accumulative fastest time over the 3 climbs. A rider can ride 1 or all of them, but the champion will be from all 3 climbs. There will be a classic short sharp climb, a general peak district mile(ish) climb, then a generally faster hill. This will suit all types of climbers. The choice for 2013 will be……

1) The Cobbled Climb out of Bollington

2) The Brickworks

3) Derbyshire bridge

Dunc to sort exact start / finish places & date & time


    1. Merlin to send Jon Hardman old SCCC newsletters to scan onto the website. Merlin to send to Jon, Jon to send onto Martin.


    1. Any photos you have of races, rides etc to be sent to Jon to add to the Flikr account he will set up. Email Jon at jonhardm@yahoo.com
Jon to set up SCC Flicker account


    1. All members to send Martin Race/Ride/pictures throughout the year. There seems to be a dip in items going to Martin in the summer months. All members to keep Martin’s Inbox Full!!!!!


    1. It’s been 35 years since Colin Norton helped regenerate SCCC in 1978. Jon Hardman would like designs of a new one-off jersey to mark the occasion. Send your designs to Jon Hardman at jonhardm@yahoo.com

We will get the best design printed by Champion System for those interested. Jon Hardman to sort


Meeting Closed at  22.40