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New Years Day 10 Mile Time Trial 2015

Braving the Mild Weather

Big thanks to all the marshalls: Maggie, Dave V, Justin, Derek, Ken

A post on Facebook about 4 days ago from Dunc saying he can't do the 10 led to a flurry of activity (banter). Is it on? Who is riding? Who can time keep? Anyone got a stopwatch? Shall we ride out? Where to meet?

All sorted by about 9.00 am on the day and then a Facebook post at 9.15 from Mark and Maggie...not riding out, too rough, driving out.

Just as well as Martin didn't wake up until 9.55 and then had a mad rush to get to the start line for 11.00.

Martin's Ride

There was quite a stiff side wind but at least it was mild and there was no rain in sight. Riding to the far roundabout was reasonably comfortable with the odd sideways gust to contend with. Less than 15 minutes to the turn...of the 10 miles its about 5.3 there and 4.7 back so this could be a reasonable time.

As Sod's Law dictates, any cross wind on the way out will turn into a head wind on the way back. A good time will have to wait until the summer.

1. Neil Skellern, Team Swift, 25:25
2. Mark McPhillips, SCCC, 26:30
3. Phil Barnes, Team Swift, 28:17
4. Jon Hardman, SCCC, 30:42
5. Martin Pigott, SCCC, 31:01
6. Sharon Clifford, Women's Cycling Sheffield, 31:06

Report by Martin