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New Years Day 10 Mile Time Trial 2013

Doesn't Disaster Stike in Three's?

Get the year off to a good start by doing the NYD 10. Sounds like a plan. If only it was that simple.

Disaster 1. Meet at the Rising Sun by 9:45. Simple. Leave at 9:25 to give myself plenty of time. Simple. Ended up leaving late and sprinting own the A6 for a few miles. Reaching down for my drink was met by an empty cage. Ok, "disaster" is bit strong; it's not as if I'd just sunk the Titanic. Quick stop at Dean Row to buy a bottle of Lucozade and problem solved.

Disaster 2. After a pleasant ride out through Alderley Edge we arrived in plenty of time to get stretched and ready for an 11:00 start. I don't mind going off number 1 so attached that number to my coat. I then decided that as I was here I may as well take it seriously and reduce my drag factor and lighten the bike a little. I stuffed the coat, pump and Lucozade bottle in the boot of Derek's car, took the number off my coat and started attaching it to my jersey.

"50 seconds!"

What? It's not even 5 to yet. Jump on and go! About 10 minutes later, just as Ian came past me, I looked at my gps only to find that I'd left it in my coat.

Again, not a Titanic disaster, just annoying.

Disaster 3. Psst. Psst. Psst. 6 miles gone. A very rapid puncture. Never mind, I had a spare tube in my saddle bag. Only a 4 mile walk to get my pump out of the back of Derek's car.

Thankfully, at about mile 8 Derek and Barbara picked me up and gave me a lift to the pub. I set about replacing the tube in the car park, getting wet (wetter) in the showers. On finishing, I wheeled my bike around the back to find a nice carpeted, covered area perfect for smokers and those fixing punctures.

Never mind. Disasters only ever come in three's and I've had mine for the day. It's all good from here.

Disaster 4. Riding at the back of the five SCCC riders through Wilmslow I heard a plasticky, bouncing noise from behind me and saw my rear light kissing the tarmac. I shouted out to "Stop" a few times but no-one heard. I (thought I) saw the quad take a left at the roundabout, rode back up to get my light and sprinted to catch up. No sign. I should have gone back to where I lost everybody but I'd been making mistakes all day so why change that habit? I gave Dunc a call and left a message that as we were so close to home I'd just ride back on my own.

Every cloud has a silver lining and I was owed at least one good bit of luck to get back to a par three. On the road just outside my house, I found a glove that I'd lost about four weeks ago. Result!

1. Scott Burns, Manchester Wheeler, 24:10
2. Neil Skellern, Congleton Wheelers, 24.21
3. Ian Shappiro, SCCC-28.40
4. Roy Myers, Manchester Wheelers, 29.01
5. Dunc McLaren, SCCC, 29.15
6. David Vennard, SCCC, 29.49
7. Jon Hardman, SCCC, 29.54
8. Martin Bannerman, Manchester Wheelers, 30.28
Martin Pigott, SCCC, DNF, Puncture



Report by Martin