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2009 New Years Day 10 on J2/1, Chelford. Snow
1 Dunc Hewitt 25.26 SCCC
2 Mark McPhillips 26.28 SCCC
3 A Royle 26.41 Abbotsford Park
4 Will Sanderson 27.30 SCCC
5 Ric Brown 28.29 SCCC
6 Les Copeland 29.08 SCCC
7 Maggie McPhillips 31.05 SCCC

The freezing conditions did not stop a great turnout for this years new years day 10 mile time trial. In total there were 19 that braved the conditions. The weather would have been perfect for a time trial as there was little wind, dry, sunny conditions. The fact that it was about minus3 did not help.

Thanks to Pauline and Colin for the time keeping, a duty they have done now for many years, the warm cup of tea was even more appreciated this year.  Pauline and Colin have decided to hang up the clocks for a bit so the time keeping will now be done by club members. A massive thank must go to Pauline and Colin for all they have done every Monday night and NYD 10…thank you !!

As you can see from the picture it was one of the coldest NYD 10’s we have had. We arrived at the pub just before it opened so kindly the landlord let us in early to save getting frost bite.
Frosty Hedges Warming Up in the Pub