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Time Trial Records

A few of our records.

If you know of any more, please get in touch email Martin and I'll add them to the list

Stockport Clarion Ladies Records

10mile ladies Time Trial

1982 Pauline Norton 25m 28s

1995 Danielle Riley 24m 15s

25 mile ladies time Trial

1954 Hilda Fox 1hr 8m 26s

1957 Hilda Fox 1hr 6m 19s

1985 Jane Sutton 1hr 2m 59s

50mile Ladies Time Trial

1956 Hilda Fox 2hr 18m 49s

1958 Hilda Fox 2hr 15m 36s

30 mile Ladies Time Trial

1986 Jane Sutton 1hr 20m 24s

100 mile ladies time Trial

1955 Hilda Fox 4hr 53m 14s

1957 Hilda Fox 4hr 49m 49s

1958 Hilda Fox 4hr 46m 02s

12 Hour Ladies time Trial

1958 Hilda Fox 229.75miles