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V250 50 Mile TT, Sunday August 1st 2010

Dunc; 2:00:05, Martin; 2:32:37

I had 3 targets for this ride...

1) Beat my PB
2) Get below 2.30
3) Keep Dunc behind me

  • Target 1 was easy enough as this was only my second 50 and that was a not too rapid 2.47 last year. (Thanks for the front wheel Dunc-it saved me 15 minutes!).
  • I was on target for beating 2.30 up until about 48 miles getting into a steady rhythm as each 5 miles passed by in about 15 minutes. This also meant that I beat my best 25 time of 1.17 as I passed the half way stage just under 1.15. The 50 miles arrived on my speedo but the finish was still not in sight and didn't arrive until 50.75.
  • As I set off about 20 minutes before Dunc he managed to take my picture and I was going to return the favour at the end of the ride as I waited for him to finish. I managed to keep him at bay for about 40 miles so, sorry Dunc, no photo.

Not only was my speedo a bit generous but so was Dunc's Garmin as he registered 50 miles before the finish too. Maybe the shock of the Garmin's inaccuacy led to a lack of concentration for a few seconds and that 1.59.59 was gone. More likeley, it was having to get up at 4.00 am to drive over to Yorkshire in time for the start.

Report by Martin P