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Can Daz Beat the Hour?

Glossop Kinder Velo J2/9 25 Mile Time Trial

27th April 2013

This was a 25m Time trial event around Chelford and the A50 with Darren as the only Clarion rider taking to the start.

A very windy day made dangerous with a Zipp 808 in the front (Idiot)!!

Despite this handicap, Daz took full advantage to ride hard along the mainly downhill start to cover the first 10 miles in 22.08. A sub hour time was on the cards.

However, turning into the Lane off the A50 saw the 27mph average drop and drop....and then drop some more as he struggled to hold 23mph into the 30mph head wind. Worse was to come as the speed fell to 12mph by the bridge!!

Needing to hold 26mph down to Chelford on the second lap was too difficult due to the wind gusting from all directions!! Could the hour be broken in these conditions?

Despite not being able to ride at 25mph Darren was catching riders regularly (presumably they were not riding with a Zipp 808) and after Chelford managed to hit 35mph on the A50 and turning the gear well.

A sub hour time was still possible if he could hold a fast finish and Darren rode over the line in 59.34, posting an average speed of 25.3mph.

16th overall in the event, given the conditions, is not a bad time.