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Starters: Daz, Dunc, Ste and Ben

The 52nd Eddie Soens Road Race: 2nd March 2013

On a cold windy March morning the 52nd Eddie Soens Memorial Road Race took place. Stockport Clarion Riders taking the Start line were old timers Duncan, Darren along with two new signings Steve and Ben!!

Steve & Ben set off in the 4th cat group quickly chased by Darren & Dunc in the 3rd Cat group with both groups coming together after about 6 laps. A few laps later on and the pros brought the 210 strong field together.

All the Clarion boys stayed upright; thank the lord in a troubled dangerous race! With crashes and touches every lap in the strong cross winds things came to a head when 5 riders came down at the end of the fast finishing straight. 

This strung things out with 15 laps remaining.

This was a tough first event for Steve & Ben but they rode well and stayed with the main group as the pros poured it on at 35mph in some sections!!

Dunc & Daz remained mid pack and tried to stay near the front but with a massive crash bringing down half the field (never seen anything like it in 22 year of racing) all the Clarion boys could do was watch as the pros, about 40 riders, rode off into the distance!

All the Clarion boys stuck in, and worked hard to try and close the gaps in various working groups, with Dunc leading the way, Daz, Ben & Ste were left chasing and were finally pulled out with 5 laps to go, Dunc lasting till 3 laps to go, but was credited with a finish for his efforts, well deserved too!!