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Beddgellert 2013

Six SCCC members took to the Welsh MTB tracks and roads at the end of June. Dunc, Tony, Ian, Ben, Geoff, and crasher (aka Justin)

The plan was to camp out at Beddgelert for 2 nights, getting in some of the great rides available in the area, both MTB and road. As we arrived on the Friday the weather was a little damp to say the least so Ian’s plan to ride up Snowdon didn’t happen.

When tents were up, it was a drive down to the local pub to try out the local brew (only to find that all pubs sold “The Trooper” brewed in Stockport !!!!) Then a nice walk back in the dark.

Back at the campsite we were being eaten alive by midges!!! My tent must have had a few hundred in there (and it was a small tent). I got bitten all night. Breakfast in the morning was no better, you had to keep moving because if you stopped a swarm was around your head (I’m itching now writing this).

Geoff arrived for a day trip and we set off. Me, Tony and Geoff on MTB, Ian and Justin on the road, Ben arrived later for a road ride after some stomach issues.

We have no Garmin results for the weekend as I forgot to charge mine and Justin’s kept freezing so had to delete stuff, he recons it was full of midges!!!

On the Saturday the 2 rides met for lunch at Llanberis, the MTB route took in a big loop of Snowdon (inc the slate climb near Llanberis). I’ve no idea where the road ride went, nor do they!! ;)

On the way back Dunc got a rear wheel puncture (only 2 miles from the campsite).

Whilst trying to fix it the usual 1000 midges appeared. The only way to fix it was for Tony to hold the wheel and Dunc pump it up whilst running around in circles to get away from the swarm!!!. I had to borrow a tube from Geoff that turned out to be a dud, so after 1 minute the tyre was flat. We took it turns to jog back to the campsite pushing my bike. Once there we were met with...yes…midges!!! We had had enough, packed up and found a B&B in Beddgelert which was the best £30 I’ve ever spent!!! Ian was the only one brave enough to camp for another night.

That night in the pub we found a Trivial Pursuit game, and started a game, much to the dismay of Justin. SCCC rock & roll style!!!!!!

When Ian met us at the B&B for the Sunday ride he asked if he had any bites on his back from the midges. He had more bites than skin!!!

The Sunday ride was a route around the Penmachno trail. Some great single track routes, rocky descents, firetrack climbs. A few great descents with some sharp switchbacks. Ian ate dirt on one corner which I think the only crash that weekend. Tony was flying on the downhills on his clown bike, the 29’er!!

Geoff only spent 1 hour in the campsite but has suffered the most with the bites. Mine went after a day, Geoff suffered for days!!! A great weekend had by all. I’m sure there will be another planned for 2014, but away from any campsite where midges are a problem!!!
  Report by Dunc