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Justin Races at Pimbo RR

March 6th 2011

First race at Pimbo.

I new I had made it when in a cold car park in Skelmersdale i was handed the Black, red n 'GOLD'  colours of Stockport Clarion out of the back of Duncs boot. A proud moment for a race virgin!!

The sun came out a we did a warm up lap, didn't seem to bad, only another 20 to go.
Darren decided to have a gel before the race started and while chatting away opened it up and dribbled it all over his bike without realising what he was doing much to the amusement of the other Stockport members...if that wasn't enough gel wastage he went for a final warm up and dropped his last one on the floor!!!!
He did not seem to need them as rode as strong as always!!!

I think the race was about 47 miles and I averaged 24.5 mph which I am bloody happy with.

Didn't see much of the boys in the race; we were all briefly together as I must of got carried away on a downhill bit, it didn't happen again.

I gave up counting laps after the first 5 and would like to thank the girl with the very tidy ass who I followed for about 10 laps. This is when I told Darren I was enjoying myself.

The only advice I got was not to stick my head out into the wind, which I followed, so if the boys said it was windy it must have been at the front but I didn't really get that close so just kept my head down and pedalled as fast as I could.

Would like to say that I saved myself for the grand sprint finish but I would describe it more of an exhausted wobble!!

First race I finished a disprectful 52nd but I finished!! (80 starters !!!)
Darren 16th
Duncan 25th
Geoff 33rd

As a Sunday goes a 47 mile race, 6 pints, a curry then my body just gave up, legs were still a bit sore the next day...

Been riding with the Stockport boys for 6 months so thanks for all your help n advice...

Sadly no pictures were taken at the race.

Dunc's Garmin

Race Results

Report by Justin Dowling