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Mark in The Himalayas

May 2011

The following is cobbled together from Mark's email and Facebook page.

19th April
Hi everyone,

I'm off on a big adventure again. This time I'm cycling from Lhasa (Tibet) to Kathmandu (Nepal). Along the way I'll be riding over some huge passes including the 5220m Lakpa Pass. Half way along I will also be visiting Everest Base Camp and camping there for the night.

I thought some of you might be interested in following my journey. If you are just click on the link below. This link won't show anything until I leave Lhasa on the 26th April as for the first 5 days I will be acclimitizing by drinking beer and taking in the great views!
Catch you soon, Mark

April 25th

Defeated before I even started. Might be coming home the Everest dream shattered. Barely eaten for 3 days so you can probably guess what is wrong. Gutted =(

...trying to hang in there but they start the bike tour tomorrow. I don't mind doing a couple of days in the 4wd but the whole trip would do my head in. Also ended up with altitude sickness as I was so dehydrated ...

Plan was Lhasa to Kathmandu via Everest base camp. Riding 1100km from the Tibetan Plateau right across the Himalayan Mountain range. Last day involves a 4000m descent over 117km!

April 26th

Thanks to the drip in a grotty hospital in Tibet and some comedy chinese medicines the Everest dream may be rekindled!

The IV drip worked wonders and i've just finished a big bowl of soft noodles while using chopsticks which untill today I could never manage, magic!

No idea what drugs they gave me Rod the translator didn't even try to tell me when i asked so who knows!

April 27th
First Himalayan pass today. Couple of hours to climb up the Kamba Pass (4794m). Got a banging headache halfway up and near the top thought my bike was broken but it was actually me unable to ride straight weird head mush at these altitudes
May 4th
Rocky singletrack, Mount Everest, rigid bike, only one brake working = manic laughter