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Snow Ride in Daylight

18th December 2010

7 of us were out on the Saturday before Christmas-beats shopping!

Good ride today! Headed out towards Broadbottom and up to Mellor Cross.

Shame Dunc got no oxygen to the brain and had to leave early, Phil had his mishap destroying another chainring!!! Other than that, only 2 spills for Ric which evened out nicely bruising both knees equally...
Will, trust you got home ok, having taking the 'odd' route home!?

Phil, we have to ask that you make sure you have a bike in good working order before you come out next time although Geoff has stepped up and offered to give you some pointers re: chainring selection, headset adjustment and bike maintenance in general.  Hot smile

The 'Energy Drink' photo will be used by Ric to push Tesco's for a sponsorship deal!!!


Report by Ric and Martin