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Clayton Vale Cyclo Cross
9th October 2010

Our first Cross race of the year was at Clayton Velo, just behind the velodrome. 5 Stockport members took part with a mix of road and mtb riders. The course was great, just what you would expect from a cross race: there were some steps, mud, grass, sand and a bit of tarmac, but not enough for my liking.

The start was mad as expected as about 120 riders tried to get to the first corner in the lead. I had a good start with Mark but didn't know there was a massive puddle on our line. I got soaked straight away and slipped back a few places. Tony was just infront of me as was Mark.

On the main straight to the finish you had to ride along the boggiest bit of mud/grass. The bike just ground to a halt and all effort to move forward seemed harder than the hills or steps put together.

As a thick roadie I put as much pressure in my tyres as possible (they said they take 85psi so i put in 80!, most people had 40psi!!). I can see this was a mistake as about 30 people went past me on this part of the course. The rest of the course was ok but I was dreading that boggy section every lap. We all spent the hour race in our own little groups. I saw Dave for a bit near the end as he had twisted his ankle so was limping in (but he still beat me !!). A great first race and a few tips learned for the next one...

No pics of Geoff though; think he must have hidden in the bushes all race and popped out at the finish.

42nd Mark McPhillips (on his MTB)
46th Tony Coughlan
57th Geoff Burgess
77th Dave Langridge
84th Dunc McLaren
113 finishers!!

Some more Photos on Flickr
  Report by Dunc