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Mark McPhillips at the Bear Bones 200 Km MTB Challenge

13-14 October 2012


A day and night of first time experiences all added up to nearly twenty hours of riding that I will never forget. A moment in time from my ride below.

The Carnau: The halo of light now seemed to be dancing on the horizon. It was enchanting and provided an overwhelming feeling of hope. Then the light suddenly flickered and disappeared into the darkness.

By now I had learnt that the tufts of grass poking through the bog offered the best footings and progress but I also learnt you could not rely on them. Squelch. Both feet disappeared but an unexpected moment of vividness arrived instead.

I take a deep breath and stop. I turn slowly taking in every detail of the landscape. A boggy plateau spreads out in all directions; the expanse of land occasionally alters and slopes up towards the night sky. Rocks are just random shadowy shapes set against a disorientating sky. There are stars upon stars and I gaze into the sky with my hands relaxed by my side and feel ready to zoom into the sky.

Then the halo returns. I’m confused. The glow of my gps unit on my handlebars offers an answer. The halo no longer offers hope but drums up the fear of the chase. I too now dance on the horizon to flicker and disappear.

Report by Mark McPhillips