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Membership is now paid to Stockport Clarion via the following link: Membership

In response to a conversation in the arden Arms a few weeks back to the following question...

Why become a member of SCCC?

The most important thing: A club is only as strong as its members and the more they contribute the better the club will be. Joining a cycling club is similar to joining a community and members should expect to contribute where possible.

How can I contribute? Or, to misqoute a former American presient:
Don't ask what your club can do for you,
But ask what you can do for your club.

  • Go riding with your club members: mtb and road rides arranged every week
  • Attend the club night at the Arden Arms, Wednesdays
  • Write articles for the website, Facebook and/or the local press about your rides, races, bike
  • Marshall at the 10 mile TT series
  • Marshall at the Tameside races
  • Marshall at the Midweek Mountan Bike Madness races
  • Organise a road/mtb ride/race
  • Help run the National Clarion
  • Represent SCCC at local and national governing bodies

National Clarion

  • Joining SCCC gets you membership of the National Clarion, an umbrella organistion for 25 other Clarion clubs
  • Cycle with club mates throughout the UK
  • 2 magazines a year
  • Easter Meet weekend
  • Season long points competition
  • Cyclo cross, TT, Race, Track competitions
  • Social events
  • Weekends Away

Other Benefits

  • Give advice to club mates about kit, bikes, fitness, training, race tactics, skills
  • Get advice from club mates...
  • Routes: we know every road and track in the area. You will never find them on your own!

Financial Benefits

  • 15% off at Cotswold
  • 10% discount at InMotion products
  • Go Outdoors discount card