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Day 5: Time Trial Mabie Forest, 10km, 300m climbing
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Animal, Dan's Lucky Mascot

Another day, another time trial. Again, I have ridden Mabie lots of times before; it is a trail I enjoy. The downhills are fast and flowing but it was definitely a climbers course.

‘It was definitely a climbers course’, my one-minute man was already closing down on me just before the top. I held him off along the traverse and dug deep on the last short climb but unfortunately, my chain came off. I started running leaving room for him to come past but amazingly, he did not. The ground started to slope downwards I was actually going to start the downhill without being passed, yippee!

I was riding fast, real fast, hitting the berms hard and sprinting out of them. My confidence was growing; I wanted this gap to increase. The blur in my peripheral vision was no longer there even when the trail doubled back. I dared to flick my eyes upwards towards the trail I had already blazed down. Damn, going too fast, can’t make the berm, going to fall off………..front wheel goes over the top of the berm. A firm foot planted on the apex kicks me back round but seconds are lost. I physically ride as fast as I can but the magical flow has disappeared for the day and I finish 14th.

Day 5: Linking Stage, Mabie Forest to Moffat 65km, 1450m climbing
Bogs and Heather, Again!!

Much of the day had been spent grimacing on long dull and grey fire roads, then pushing bikes over boggy moorland. Not my idea of fun. The main highlight on this stage was bizarrely the final road descent. It was sublime! A miniature Alp d’huez full of hairpins cutting back through grassy meadows. We all enter Moffat with big grins.

In Moffat, I treat myself to a hotel room. This time I am sharing with Iron Man Gavin. It is amazing how smug you feel staying in a hotel and eating out, when the masses are once again camping in the rain!

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