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MTB Snow Ride to Macclesfield
5th December 2010

Dunc says...A great ride/walk today. You'll see there is a lack of speed at about 1hr.40 to 2hr.00 where we waded through 5 foot snow drifts.Hot smile Darren, you'd have loved it!!!!
Looks like we only did one hill (I must have been on a different ride????)
Garmin = http://connect.garmin.com/activity/58892630

Will, Can you send Martin the pics you took!!!!!

Ric says...Remember - waist-deep for you boys is chest-deep for me, ergo I am braver and tougher (and shorter)

Martin says...I had a pass out for the Downhill so was going to join you this morning and would have loved to have been up to my waist in snow but had a sick child to care for instead (3.30am put the bed clothes in the wash, 4.30am sick in the bucket that time, 6.30 repeat of events from 4.30, again at 8.00 and on and on throughout the day). Your day sounded better than mine!

Dunc says...It was a great ride, one of the ones where you should turn back but had done 20 meters so kept going for about a mile. At some points it was above your waist!!!! loved it Smile with tongue

Ric says... Strangely, we were discussing the beauties of offspring over a beer. You have convinced me! Vomit is easier to wade through than snow btw!