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Mountain Biking-Wednesday Night Ride from Hayfield 24th June 2009
  • As the Wednesday night rides neared midsummers night it was time to do a proper mountain bike ride, namely the CLASSIC Hayfield Edale Loop including the infamous descent down Jacobs Ladder, (another pic and the Loop Map)
  • Starting at 7.30pm and heading up to Jacobs Ladder via Kinder Reservoir.
  • The ride was approx 35km (22 miles) and included about 800m (1/2 a mile) of climbing
  • The ride was very technical on both the climbs and descents.
The riders set out
Maggie stops for a spot of modelling
Tony gets off and walks
Mark gets off his bike and laughs at those struggling behind
The view
Much needed drinks break
Lighting up after a hard days night
Emmy's B and B