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MTB Weekend Away 16-17 Oct 2010


If you have want to go email Mark

Another Autumn trip to the 'wilds' of Hollinsclough and the splendour of Moorside Farm. Lots of good riding including some optional technical challenges near the end of the ride and the promise of Taxal edge on the run back home to Stockport.

Date; 16th and 17th October 2010

Destination Hollinsclough

Start Ardern Arms 9am 16th October

Riding; A mixture of White and Dark Peak riding.

Accommodation: Moorside Farm

What will you need to bring? Spare cycling kit, towel, and toiletries etc normal clothes for the pub or not depending on the level of your Lycra fetish. Lots of snacks/energy powder etc. Breakfast and evening meal is included in the price and you even get a retro 70's style packed lunch for the following day. Bring cash for the lunch stop now that my track record has improved slightly but maybe bring a packed lunch too so as not to be too disappointed. If it is a nice day we can have a picnic!!

I can't carry all that!! Don't worry you don't have to. We will run the usual system of somehow arranging for everything to be dropped off at our house (Mark and Maggie). Arrange this personally either through me or Maggie but it has o by Thursday 14th October at the latest.

Am I fit enough? If you have done a Stockport Clarion weekend ride before and survived (even if only just) you will be fine. If you only ever do the night rides and nothing longer you may struggle but there is plenty of time to get some long rides in before then. The night rides are normally 25 to 35km and approx 500 to 700m of climbing. Each day on this weekend would be approx 75km and somewhere between 1500m and 2000m of climbing. However there are some bail out routes in the last 15km where you can miss out some of the extra climbs and technical descents. On the way back it is mainly all downhill!!

I want to come what do I do? Let me know by e-mail when you can defintely commit to coming. I have booked and paid a deposit for 10 people. The sooner I know the better.

Anything else? I don't think so but if you have got any questions just send me an e-mail or ask me over a pint in the Ardern Arms.

Catch you soon