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Mark and Maggie go Stateside to "Ride the Divide"
20th July-17th August 2010

Start: 20th July, Banff, Canada and Finish: 17th August, Mexican border

More pictures on Flikr

Report to follow

2 minute You Tube video about the route which is 2700 miles long

Also the Dynamic Duo of Ben Fogle and James Cracknell are starting the route 10 days after us and are trying to beat the world record. This obviously means they will catch and pass us at some point. Hopefully we will be able to give them a good kicking when they do and hog a bit of air-time for the forthcoming four part bbc documentary about their attempt.

Hopefully we will make it back safe and sound without any scary bear moments. We have done all we can to become more BEAR AWARE.

UPDATE-Sat 14th August
A very sad day today. Maggie has struggled courageously for the last week with extreme problems with her asthma at the very high altitudes we have been cycling at. Maggie has decided to end her adventure in Steamboat Springs due to real risk of a severe asthma attack in the middle of nowhere.

I have decided to carry on towards Mexico after spending a few days relaxing with Maggie in Steamboat Springs.

I will now be going ultra-lightweight and need to cover 1200 miles in 12 days to reach the border!!

Wish me luck! I'm going to miss Maggie a lot and I will now have to watch out for both the bears and mountain lions on my own.