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Midweek Mountain Bike Madness 2015

Round 5 Lee Quarry

The final round of the Midweek MTB Madness at Lee Quarry, Bacup on Thursday 23rd July.

Well done to Andrew Lindley, just pipped at the finish line into third place. Andy also came third overall in the series.

Mark McPhillips came ninth after riding some interesting lines to the amusement of the marshals. He also picked up a spot prize worth £50.

Anthony Jevons was 17th in the enthusiasts class in his second XC race.

Maggie was second in the women's category, and first in the series.

Maggie McPhillips at Midweek MTB Madness

There has been an excellent turnout by Stockport Clarion riders for all 5 rounds. Looking forward to next year. Big thanks to the organisers.

Round 4, Leverhulme Park

Andrew Lindley 6th
Geoff Burgess 15th
Mivhael Greaney 32nd

Maggie 2nd

Anthony Jevons 17th

Round 3, Sutton Manor

Andrew Lindley 7th
Geoff Burgess 28th
Mark McPhillips 30th

Maggie 3rd

Round 2: Chorlton

Andrew Lindley 7th
Mark McPhillips 32nd

Maggie 4th

Paul Whittaker and Andrew Lindley

Round 1: Clayton Vale

Andrew Lindley 3rd

Maggie 4th

Midweek MTB Madness website

Report by Maggie