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Mountain Bike/Off Road Championships 2012, Feb 4th

A Clarion call to all SCCC members. Ride what you like as long as it's got knobbly tyres.

The plan is to ride Hit The North, the champion will be the highest placed SCCC rider.

For more details go to Hit the North

What we're saying...

"Mark's going to win that then!" Almost Everybody

"I might not" Mark

"It's a 2 hour slog in the mud which is about an hour and a half too long" Geoff

Oli "I'm not riding if it's going to be muddy"

Dave "It's only mud"

Oli "Paul. How are you going to win it?"
Paul "Just ride really fast!"

"I hope there's lots of gates and stiles as I'll need a rest on the way round" Martin

Derek "I'll sort 'em out. And let me tell you...she was a doll when she was 17"

And a few comments from the "News of the World" attributed to "A source.."

"I'll beat you all on my cross bike" Dunc

"Easy early season training ride. I'll ride you all off my wheel" Darren

"I'm off to South America with the money" Ric

"Woof" Lucy the Dog

"Anyone got knobblies for a penny farthing?" Merlin

Will "What time deos it start?"

"F*^! it. I can't be ar"$d" Jason

"I love riding in mud" Maggie

"Maggie! Put some clothes on!" Mark

Confirmed Riders

Davor Langredski
Mark (some debate over this one. Olly, watch this space)
Ian S

Bets for finishing order are now being taken
Contact website@stockport-clarion.org.uk to place your bets